Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

Reduce your electrical costs by installing an energy efficient pool pump!

How do these new pumps save you money?

Energy efficient pool pumps reduce electrical costs by lowering the rotation speed the pump operates at for general circulation.  As the rotation speed decreases, the electrical cost to run the pump decreases dramatically. We install all of the major brands of variable speed pool pumps. We typically recommend a best-in-breed manufacturer for the chosen application. Call us and we will guide you through the decision process to select the best pool pump and size for your individual situation.

Can I install a variable speed pump myself?

If you're especially handy with plumbing and electrical work you might be able to handle the installation yourself - but we don't recommend it! These types of installations are best completed by a licensed contractor. Call us and find out how easy it is to work with a professional.

How quickly can you install a variable speed pump?

Most heater installations can be completed in about two hours. We can typically schedule installation within two or three days of project approval and payment of any necessary deposits.

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