Equipment Repairs
Our Arizona Pool Service provides repairs for almost all makes and models of pool equipment.  

Pool Motors & Pumps 

Our Arizona Pool Service repairs pool pumps and motors quickly and efficiently. On average, pool motors last about 5 years in Arizona. Let us help you get the most out of your pool pump and motor. We can replace the pump seals and gaskets to stop most leaks in about an hour. If your motor or has locked up and will no longer run, we can help! Just call us today for a consultation!

Pool Plumbing

Is your pool plumbing leaking? Even small leaks can make a difference in the circulation of your pool and can add up to big problems. Have your plumbing repaired and sealed as soon as possible. Most plumbing can be repaired in a single service call.


Pools run 365 days a year in Arizona. Pool filters take a beating and will often leak or run at lowered efficiency due to clogged media, trapped air, or cracked seals. We can help! Call us to repair your pool filter.

In-Floor Cleaning Systems

Lots of new pools are built with in-floor cleaning systems. These systems frequently need a tune-up to replace worn parts or sometimes just an adjustment to run more efficiently.

Automatic Cleaners

Is your cleaner running slowly? Getting caught in one spot? Not cleaning the bottom of the pool anymore? We repair most automatic cleaners including Hayward, Barracuda, The Pool Thing, Polaris, and Pentair. Most repairs can be accomplished within just a few minutes. In many cases the cause is improper valve settings or low suction causing the cleaner to not run at peak efficiency. 

Salt Systems

Saltwater Systems need to be serviced and cleaned regularly to maintain peak operating condition. Salt Systems frequently stop operating and need to repaired quickly so that you pool stays chlorinated. Use our Arizona Pool Service to repair you salt system and keep your pool running!

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Leaking Shaft Seal

Water Level Float

Older Sand Filter Weeping

In-floor Cleaning System 
Gear Assembly Repair

Another Gear Assembly Replacement