Pool Maintenance
Our Arizona Pool Service provides maintenance for almost any pool problem you will encounter!

Pool Draining

Our Arizona Pool Service repairs pool pumps and motors quickly and efficiently. On average, pool motors last about 5 years in Arizona. Let us help you get the most out of your pool pump and motor. We can replace the pump seals and gaskets to stop most leaks in about an hour. If your motor or has locked up and will no longer run, we can help! Just call us today for a consultation!

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Pool Tile Cleaning

Pool tile cleaning makes a huge difference in the appearance of your pool. The pool tile cleaning itself is a cosmetic procedure to remove the calcium line at your pool's water line.

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Pool Interior Cleaning

We often recommend pressure washing your pool interior, performing a chlorine bath on the interior or other cosmetic treatments like an Acid Wash to remove interior staining.

Acid Washes

An acid wash removes the top layer of pool plaster revealing cleaner plaster underneath the top layer which restores a brighter white appearance to your pool interior. Not all pools are good candidates for acid washes and we encourage you to be careful to hire a professional for this service as an untrained technician can cause serious damage to your pool's interior.

Pool Filter Cleaning

Pool filters and pool filter media should be cleaned regularly in order to maintain peak performance. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters should be cleaned once per year while cartridge filters should be cleaned at least every six months.

One of the photo sets to the right  is of a DE Filter Grid Assembly before cleaning and after cleaning. What a difference. You can see the DE media and dirt caked on the side of the grid assembly before it was cleaned!

Salt System Cleaning

Saltwater Systems need to be serviced and cleaned regularly to maintain peak operating condition. Salt Systems frequently stop operating and need to repaired quickly so that you pool stays chlorinated. Use our Arizona Pool Service to repair you salt system and keep your pool running!

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Before Pool Drain & Clean

After Drain & Clean

Before Tile Cleaning

And after

Before DE Filter Cleaning

After DE Filter Cleaning

Cartridge Filter Cleaning

Cartridge Filter Cleaning