Draining Your Pool in Arizona

Pool professionals in Arizona recommend draining your pool every 2-4 years depending on the chemical and mineral concentrations in your pool in order to return the pool water to a balanced state. 

In some circumstances it may even be more cost effective to drain your pool once it has turned green rather than attempting to turn the pool clear again with a chemical treatment.

Cleaning Techniques for your Pool Interior when it is Drained

Once your pool has been drained we will often recommend pressure washing the interior (depicted in photos to the right), performing a chlorine bath on the interior or other cosmetic treatments like an Acid Wash to remove interior staining, tile cleaning service to remove the calcium line on your pool tile, and/or interior repairs.

Alternatives to draining

One alternative to draining your pool is to use an advanced filtration method for filtering out any unwanted chemicals; however, these treatments are often more costly than simply draining the pool and starting fresh.

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