Pool Tile Cleaning
Does your pool tile have that white crusty calcium and scum line on it? Let us clean your pool tile can restore it's natural beauty and finish!

How do you clean the calcium and scum line around the pool?

Typically, the calcium and scum is removed from pool interiors through a basting process using a mildly abrasive media mix. We use a naturally occurring non-toxic / non-hazardous mineral salt as the abrasive media. Depending on the base material we are cleaning we can air blast or hydro blast your tile for the best effect.

Can I clean my pool tile myself?

You can try to scrub the tile with a pumice stone - but we don't recommend it! These types of cleaning tasks are best completed by a licensed professional. Call us and find out how easy it is to work with a professional.

How quickly can you clean my pool tile?

Most tile cleaning services can be completed in about three or four hours not including the time it takes to drain or refill your pool.

Call us to clean your pool tile!

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