Weekly Pool Cleaning
Our specialty at Bella Vista Pools & Spas LLC is weekly pool service in Arizona. Our pool cleaning and chemical service allows you to enjoy your pool while we professionally maintain it for you.

What is weekly pool service?

Pool Service in Arizona generally allows the pool owner to outsource the week-to-week pool cleaning and maintenance activities so that they can enjoy a clean, healthy pool without spending hours every weekend on swimming pool maintenance chores.

What pool service Includes:

Our weekly pool service  includes the following activities each week.

  • A chemical analysis.
  • Addition of any basic chemicals to balance and chlorinate your pool.
  • Visual checkup of pool equipment.
  • Brushing pool walls and steps.
  • Removing visible debris from pool by manually netting surface and floor of pool.
  • Emptying baskets.
  • Vacuuming as needed
  • Backwashing as needed
  • Cleaning salt cells as needed
  • Posting a service note to let you know what activities we performed that week.

How much does weekly pool service cost?

Pricing for pool service can vary based on the city and size of pool. Our standard pricing plan is listed below – occasionally a pool requires extraordinary effort which may require an adjustment in our standard pricing.

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service Pricing

Standard Play Pools- $79.00

Large Play Pools – $85.00

Diving Size Pools – $89.00

Large Diving Pools – $95.00

Want pool service? Contact Us!

Call us during our regular office hours. If we’ve temporarily stepped away from the phone, please leave a message and we will get right back to you. We can typically start regular weekly pool service within five days of your call.  One-time visits or repair requests can also typically be scheduled within 5 days of your call!

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